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The Pre-design phase of an architectural project is extremely important but often overlooked. During Pre-design, goals are outlined and project parameters set. It is also the time to identify potential problems and pitfalls, along with community concerns and a variety of other details that will inform the design process…

Conceptual Design

During the Conceptual Design phase, we take the lessons learned from pre-design and formulate a project vision. We take the building program, functionality requirements, style considerations, site analyses and other elements described in the pre-design phase to synthesize a governing vision that will drive the final design…

Schematic Design

It is during the schematic design phase that our conceptual designs are turned into actual architecture. We create drawings to establish the scale of the building, its architectural identity, and its relationships to the site. Deliverables include building plans, elevations, section plans and site plans…

Design Development

Design Development involves refining the approved schematic design. Drawings are expanded and details added, including interior elevations, wall sections, materials, finishes, doors & windows and ceiling plans. Some projects require a materials board specifying finishes, materials and colors…

Construction Drawing

Once the design process is complete, Construction Drawing begins. During the Construction Drawing process, conceptual and schematic drawings are refined to include rigorous technical details that document both building and its site. We define the precise quality of the installation, develop masterspec specifications & more…

Construction Administration

During the Construction Administration process, Hoschler Graziosi acts as the client’s agent to ensure that the finished design is implemented as it was envisioned. We carefully observe the construction process and clearly note any work that does not conform to specification…

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